Course Description

Press releases are a great way to make connections, form relationships with the press and are vital to the news industry.

In this fast paced course valued at more than $750, you'll learn the elements of what makes your press release more likely to be picked up (newsworthiness), the outline of a press release and the best way to distribute your release with tips from currently working journalists.

In just a few hours, you can cross "write a press release" off your business to do list.

Aurora Meyer

A graduate of the University of Missouri’s Journalism School, Aurora spent several years covering education-related issues in Missouri, Texas and Washington, D.C., before returning to Columbia, Mo. She serves as the Marketing and Public Affairs Coordinator for the Missouri State Teachers Association, teaches an introduction to journalism writing course at her alma mater and runs a successful communications and consulting business.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Press Releases Made Easy!

  • 2

    What is a press release?

    • Definition of a press release

  • 3

    What is newsworthy?

    • What determines if something is newsworthy.

  • 4

    Why use a press release?

    • Press releases are vital to the news industry

  • 5

    What goes into a press release?

  • 6

    Writing a press release. 

    • The basic press release outline

    • More about Ledes

  • 7

    Think like a journalist. 

    • Tips from current working journalists.

    • E-mail Cover Letter

  • 8

    What's next?

    • Congratulations!